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Harvested at the best quality when shells are hardest. As is known to all, hard-shell lobster has up to 50% more meat than soft-shell lobster and it also seems a higher survival rate than soft-shell especailly when shipped by Air cargo. It is one reason Canadian lobster is popular. The area our factory located is allowed to catch lobster for six months(from November to May), which is the longest period in inshore fishing areas, and fishermen catch the best hardshell lobster during this period. And we also catch lobster in offshore area, which is 50miles away from the coast and allowed to conduct year-round. Our plant has supplied lobsters to major seafood wholesalers in Nova Scotia.


Lobster is proven nutritious food and is very tasty. Lobster is rich in essential amino acids, which helps formative year children to strengthen bones and muscles. In addition, its ingredients are good for reducing heart disease, and dropping cholesterol levels in body. Lobsters are immediately cooked after caught and freezed by quick freezing method, -40C, in order to keep the quality, and it can be stored up to a year without any loss of quality. Ocean shipping takes 30~40days

Ingredients rich in amino acids and activates

cells that are linking to the children in the growth and development stages, as well as anti-aging skin, is well known for healthy food. In addition, the ingredients release chest stuffy symptoms, make visceral functions smooth, and make bones and muscles stronger. Snow crab has the ingredients that are an excellent effect on antipyretic and alcohol detoxification. Nucleic acids in snow crab increase the memory, and as the good cholesterol in the body, the cholesterol prevents heart disease, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension. Snow crab also seems to help to drop blood cholesterol levels, and the shells is taking good in the treatment of breast cancer, osteoporosis.

Sea cucumber has more than 18 kinds of amino acids, an abundance of protein, calcium, various vitamins, and it low-fat, and cholesterol-free alkaline food, which helps purify blood, and increase metabolism efficacy. The ingredients contained in the cartilage of the Sea cucumber, chondroitin, are very effective to remove freckles and delay the aging process of skin. Sea cucumber is very good for the teeth and skeletal muscle growth and development of children and pregnant women.

Hagfish contains a lot of protein, and is well known as good food for diabetes, multiple sclerosis, depression, and migraine. High content of polyunsaturated fatty acids is known for anti-cancer effect. The leather of hagfish is very soft and also strong, so it is used to make many leather goods such as wallet or purse.


Future management will require further assessment of spawning stock populations, increasing size restrictions (>25 cm), and the capture of new markets, particularly in Eastern Europe, the Far East, and western Africa.